Care Home Cabaret Show

Natalia Love - Care Home Poster


Aiming to bring smiles and pure entertainment to your residencies, Natalia Love has a specially adapted Variety show that she has carefully put together, taking into consideration the environment and your residents. 

The music, the visuals and the theme have all carefully been trialed and selected for your audience creating the show - ‘Back to Variety’ celebrating the golden age of TV like a mini version of “Live From The Palladium”

Music is very important to those suffering from demantia and other similar conditions, elevating anxiety or depression for a while. With this in mind, Natalia has selected music from the 40’s through to the  70’s, which has proven time and time again to be a crowd pleaser, giving the residents a reason to reminisce and sing along, igniting that feel-good vibe!

Back to Variety also includes ventriloquism, jokes and visual magic, using participation from the residence and carers when possible.

Natalia has 11 years of experience in the art of entertaining and she guarantee’s to lift the spirits of anyone watching.

Natalia travels with her own PA system, backdrop and Music.  She covers care homes within Hampshire, Surrey and the Midlands.

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