Natalia Love

Member of the Magic Circle

Natalia's brand of magic has taken her to all corners of the globe. As member of The Magic Circle and one of the hottest young magicians on the London scene, she is constantly chosen to perform for Fortune 500 companies, CEOs and the show business elite.  

High end close up magic in a truly immersive style. Genuinely jaw dropping visual moments of magic that prompted Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) to describe it as "Just like CGI, that is awesome!"  Immersing both old and new magic, Natalia certainly knows how to keep your guests entertained. Leave it up to her to mingle amongst them all and give them something to really talk about! Whether your event be private, social or work related a touch of Magic will be sure to break the ice.




Mo Farah "I LOVE your magic!

Richard Branson "That's impressive stuff!"

William Moseley  "This magic girl is insane, everybody needs to see her!"

Liz Hurley  "Tiny and wonderful" 

Ed Sheeran  "Just amazing"

Queen Latifah"WOW!"

Kyran Bracken "Grrrrreat Magic tonight "

Rachel Riley ....*GASP*

Philipp Plein "You're the boss! And stylish"

Chris Robshaw "I love magic and that was just amazing"

Rhianna Farah "WOW! Are you a witch!? Can you do black magic"

Ball in Bank - London